Monday, December 29, 2008

unfortunate trip interuption

Hello all, some unfortunate news. i was unable to continue my ride down the east coast back to kaohsiung. I had headed out from taipei on the 26th and spent the first day climbing a mountain that separates the east and west coast. made it to the top and somehow ended up riding back down the same side of the mountain. this mistake would have cost me at least one extra day if not 2 and my money was not enough to be able to keep riding for one or two extra days. In hindsight poor planning on my part cost me some time and i did spend too much time in taipei over the holidays.
I apologize to everyone who supported this ride and will be returning the money to those who donated. all is i can say is my intentions were full hearted and they still are. wombbloc still needs help and is still doing many good things that we all can benefit from.
The good news is Kayla is still riding. she was to meet me in Taipei and ride back with me. she arrived a day later and is riding back down to kaohsiung. so the trip will be completed and i will continue to post her story on the blog.
thanks to all who are with us as people who want to to make kaohsiung a more culturally rich place to live.
love, john







John O'Meara.


Sister Act Catering said...

hey need to return the money just think of it as a relay ride and use the money as it was originally intended.
get in touch when you are back home.
love Trish

Mr said...

Hey as well John. You've already put in LOTS of effort with LOTS of good intention and sweat!!!! I made a contribution earlier and don't want it returned for sure. Good luck to Kayla as well- Michael Egan (